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SCCM 1511 Prereq upgrade warning: Unsupported Operating System

Hi All,

A couple of days ago I decided to upgrade my SCCM DEMO environment to the newest version of SCCM 1511.


When running the prereq checker, I got the “normal” warning about SQL Server process memory allocation, but I also got a new warning that I hadn’t seen before.

Warning: Unsupported site system operating system version for upgrade!




My only server for SCCM was running Windows Server 2012 R2 so I found the warning a bit odd.

Looking into the log file c:\ConfigMgrPrereq.log I found the “issue”

My SCCM DEMO environment has an Intune connector installed and a Cloud DP


The prereq checker will also check OS version at and obviously fails Smiley med åben mund


So without further thinking I clicked “Begin Install” and the upgrade succeeded.



Jens Ole


Webinar: Mobile Device Management

Hi all,

Tuesday the 8. of December at 11.00 AM I’ll host a webinar about Mobile Device Management.

It will be in Danish and will be non technical information about what you can do to help your coworkers in being productive while maintaining a secure data model.

Registration is free, use the following link

Hope to see you.

Azure AD Connect is GA

Today Microsoft announced the following products:

  1. Announcing the Limited Public Preview of Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  2. Azure AD Connect and Connect Health are generally available
  3. Azure Application Gateway generally available
  4. SQL Server 2016 CTP 2.1 now available
  5. Microsoft Intune Conditional Access and Mobile Application Management for the Outlook app
  6. New Microsoft Power BI Content Pack and connector generally available
  7. Key Vault is now generally available across all regions (except Australia)

Reading more here:

Speaker at EG Cloud Conference

First in June I was lucky to get a session at EG conference “Fra costcenter til kraftcenter” held in both Copenhagen and Aarhus. Once again I spoke about security/data and managing devices using Microsoft Intune/System Center 2012 R2.

The conference was an EG Conference but with our partners, HP, Lenovo and Microsoft. The main focus was to give decision makers information about the transformation to the “Cloud”.

Later this year (2015) I will do a couple of live webcasts, but more about that later.

Enjoy the presentation (Danish)

Renew Apple Push Notification Certificate in SCCM / Microsoft Intune

31/01/2015 2 comments


A couple of weeks ago I had to renew the Apple Push Notification certificate used for Microsoft Intune/SCCM for a customer. The certificate has to be renewed once a year and I google’d for a guide. I was not able to find one, so I created this small guide to do the trick.

You do get an email warning from Apple, that the certificate will expire. But do yourself a favor and create a calendar entry, reminding you to renew the certificate.

This guide will help you renewing the Apple certificate used by SCCM/Microsoft Intune to manage Apple devices. You can use this guide to create a new Apple Push Notification certificate as well.

Create APN certificate request

Start the SCCM Console and go to the Administration node. Expand "Cloud Services" and click at "Windows Intune Subscriptions"

Select "Create APNs certificate request"



Download the CSR file.



Login with your Microsoft Intune admin account to download the request file (CSR).






Renew Apple certificate

Sign in to Apple Push Certificates Portal




Click "Renew" and browse to the newly created Request File and select "Upload"




A json file will be presented to be downloaded. Save the file beside the request file.

Go back to the Certificates Portal and hit F5. The certificate is now renewed.




Click "Download" to download the certificate (.pem file)



Importing the renewed Apple certificate into SCCM Console

Start the SCCM Console and go to the Administration node. Expand "Cloud Services" and right click at "Windows Intune Subscriptions" and select "Properties". Go to the IOS tab and import the renewed certificate. Click "Ok".


Save your APN Files in a secure place.


Missing the new Windows Intune Extensions in SCCM Console?

Recently I was working with a Customer to integrate Windows Intune with Configuration Manager 2012 R2 and I noticed that I didn’t get the new Extensions that were released recently.

No matter what I did, the Extensions didn’t arrive.

I called Windows Intune support and they confirmed that this actually is a problem.

Local certificates and Windows Intune certificates got out of sync.

Windows Intune Support provided the SyncConnectorCert.exe Tool.


After running the tool, I checked that the certificates were aligned. I closed the Console and opened it Again and got the new Extensions for IOS 8 and Enterprise Mode.

/Jens Ole


Speaking at Microsoft TechNet TechTalk

Today Microsoft Denmark announced the upcomming TechNet Talk event in May, held at Microsoft headquarter in Hellerup, Denmark.
I am proud to attend as a speaker and hope that you have a chance to enjoy my session about Device Management with Windows Intune and ADFS.

Read more here: