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Powerpoint Slides from Microsoft Campus Days 2013

13/10/2013 2 comments

Here are my slides from my presentations at Microsoft Campus Days 2013 in Denmark.

DA307 Windows Server 2012 R2 – Active Directory 3.1

WC304 Windows Intune – ADFS – 3.1


Migrating DHCP to Windows Server 2012 using PowerShell

14/06/2013 8 comments

Many companies are migration to Windows Server 2012 (soon R2) right now and why not use the new build in tools to migrate some of the infrastructure services running at old Windows Server versions.

This first post of the “Migrating using PowerShell” series we will look at DHCP Server role.


Step-by-Step Guide

Source system must be at least Windows Server 2008.

Logon with an Administrator and start PowerShell prompt with elevated rights.

This PowerShell command can run locally at the server you want to export DHCP Server settings from or remote from the server you want to export DHCP Server settings to.

I run the commands from the server I want to be the new DHCP Server.

Run the following command:

Export-dhcpserver –computername dc2.lab1.local –leases –file c:\temp\dc1dhcp.xml –ver




Ups, forgot to create TEMP folder before running the command….folder created



Now install the DHCP Server Role at the target server and start PowerShell with elevated rights. Disable the scopes on the old DHCP Server, in my case dc1.lab1.local. If the exported files are located elsewhere the copy the files to the new DHCP Server.

Run the following command and remember to create the backup folder:

Import-dhcpserver –computername dc2.lab1.local –leases –file c:\temp\dc1dhcp.xml –backuppath C:\temp\Backup -ver

The parameter backuppath is mandatory as a backup of the existing DHCP database is created before our changes are imported.

Check the status of the new DHCP Server and that the scopes are as expected.

You are done!

DHCP Server Command reference:

Next Post: Migrating Network Policy Server (NPS) to Windows Server 2012 using PowerShell

Microsoft Claims Windows Server 2012, Hyper-V Will Win Converts From VMware

Blogcast: Windows Server “8”

Looking into the the near future we’ll see the first BETA of Windows Server “8” and we’ll be introduced to a lot of new interesting technology and updated roles/features. With this blogcast I’ll try to help understanding these new features and what Windows Server “8” technology can do to help companies “work smarter”.

I do not know the exact date for the BETA release but I assume we’ll see it before the end of this year.

Some of the things I’ve planned to cover are:

  • Install Methods
  • Full GUI vs no GUI with Server Core
  • Installing roles and features
  • Multi-Server Management with the New Server Manager
  • Active Directory
  • Hyper-V v3
  • Branch Cache
  • DFS
  • File system and security/Classification
  • Deduplication
  • Windows To Go
  • DirectAccess
  • Powershell
  • ….and a bunch of other news

But for now let’s enjoy the new simplified Metro style logon and UI







Build for the future – Windows Server 8