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Webinar: Mobile Device Management

Hi all,

Tuesday the 8. of December at 11.00 AM I’ll host a webinar about Mobile Device Management.

It will be in Danish and will be non technical information about what you can do to help your coworkers in being productive while maintaining a secure data model.

Registration is free, use the following link

Hope to see you.


Applying an ICD provisioning package (Part 3)

16/11/2015 2 comments

1. part – I installed Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (ICD) tool

2. part – I created a provisioning package

In this final part I’ll apply the created provisioning package to a Windows 10 Pro client system.


Here I got the non domain joined machine with a non standard computer name.

The computer is running Windows 10 Pro.



Copy the newly created provisioning package to the computer or a USB.




Run the Provisioning package? Yes, sure



Du you trust the creator? Yes, add it



NOTE: I removed the password in my test setup. In production you will be prompted for a password to apply the package.


The provisioning package is applied……





After the provisioning package is applied you’ll be signed out and the computer will restart a couple of times.



We sure did change something Smiley, der blinker



Verify that you now can login with your domain account.



After login. Cool…



The computer is now domain joined, have a standard computer name and the Windows version is now Enterprise.



Verify that the computer is in the right OU in Active Directory too and the mission is accomplished.



The Power of Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (Part 2)

The Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (ICD) tool can be used to a lot of different stuff. But for now I see the biggest gain for companies to use the tool for people that buy a new computer and is not near a company location where a new computer can be deployed or if the bought computer model is not on the official hardware certification list.

This guide will change the following at a Windows 10 Pro computer.

New standard computer name

Domain joined

Get the computer staged in the right OU

Upgrade the SKU to Enterprise

Let’s get started.

Start Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (ICD)


Select New provisioning package


Enter Project details and choose a folder.


Select what Windows versions can use the package. I’ll choose Common to all Windows desktop editions


As this is a new package, I’ll not import any package, click Finish


To filter out some settings, select Common IT Pro settings


Enter the account used to do the domain join


Target OU


Enter Computername. In the case I use a variable to get different computernames.



Enter DomainName


Set domain join password


To upgrade the OS version to Windows Enterprise enter an appropriate PID.


Save the project


Click Export and select Provisioning package


Give the provisioning package a name and select ranking


You should encrypt the package, so no one can read the passwords stored inside the package or the license key.

Further more only admins/users with the password can use the provisioning package and there by join computers to the domain.






Done, Finish


The provisioning package is  now ready for use.


Next part I’ll run the package at a non domain joined Windows 10 Pro machine.

Speaking at SCUG.DK


Last Friday I had the honor to speak, once again, at the local Danish User Group SCUG.DK.

I shared a session with my colleague and MVP Ronni Pedersen, about Windows as a Service.

When companies are deploying or evaluating Windows, there are a bunch of things you should be aware of.

  • Windows 10 Licensing
  • Group Policies
  • MDOP
  • Windows 10 Activation (KMS vs ADBA)
  • IE11 / Edge
  • Enterprise mode
  • Windows 10 (Windows Defender / Endpoint Protection)
  • Default Build-in Apps
  • Default Apps and File Associations
  • Windows 10 Business Store
  • In-place Upgrade or Reimage
  • Domain joined, Azure joined

I hope the slides will be available at, if not I’ll attach them here.

Slides from my session at Microsoft Campus Days 2014

The biggest technical Microsoft event in Denmark, Campus Days 2014, is over. It was a plessure to meet you all and I’m proud, as I have attended as a speaker at all Campus Days events held in the past until today.


Here you can download my presentation. Remember that is holds links (one of the last slides) to the security stuff I spoke about.

Protecting your Private Cloud/Data

Thank you for evalualing, it’s important to me. Hope to see you NeXT year at Campus Days.

/Jens Ole

Changes to Group Policy Preferences (store passwords)

A couple of days ago, Microsoft annouced that they are removing the feature to set passwords using GPP. The stored passwords can be compromised as they are stored in the Group Policy. This will affect the ability to set local administrator password via GPP and other settings as well.
Read more here:

/Jens Ole

Powerpoint Slides from Microsoft Campus Days 2013

13/10/2013 2 comments

Here are my slides from my presentations at Microsoft Campus Days 2013 in Denmark.

DA307 Windows Server 2012 R2 – Active Directory 3.1

WC304 Windows Intune – ADFS – 3.1