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Why you all want to use DFS – Part 3 Creating a DFS Replication

Now lets create a replica of a folder already published in DFS. It’s fairly simple, if DFS is already installed at all involved servers, all services will be started automatically.

In the DFS Management console right click the Folder you want to replicate, in this case the Sales folder and choose Add Folder Target



Enter the UNC path to the server where the Folder is going to replicate to and press OK



Now DFS can see that the Folder has two Folder Targets, that’s why you are presented to the question: Do you want to create a replication group?. And the answer is…Yes



and the Replicate Folder Wizard turns up. At the first page I have never changed something as it is presenting information I already have entered, Next



Replication members are listed, Next



Choose the Primary Member. The Primary member is used if files are present at both replication members for example if you have a Folder in DFS which is already in use and you want to replicate that data to server2 in another location. Then you can copy the data to a DVD and send the DVD to the location and the copy the data to the server there (Prestaging). When you create your replication, the Primary member, is where you have the most recent data, if a file should exist at both servers. Select Primary Member, Next


Choose Replication Topology. As we only are replication between two servers, we can only choose Full Mesh. Hub and spoke topology is used in larger environments and requires at least 3 members. Next


Choose Replication Schedule and Bandwidth. At this time we’ll choose Full Bandwidth. Controlling bandwidth will be covered in the next part. Next

Information page is showed. Create

You’re done. Close


Now when Active Directory replication takes place the replication members will get aware of the new configuration and will start replicating the files. Until then, some errors can or will occur in the event log, that quite ok.

Next part will cover controlling the bandwidth used when replicating files using DFS-R

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PXE Cache hotfix (using Configuration Manager 2007) released

Microsoft has released a hotfix to fix the known 1 hour cache issue, when redeploying an OS to a computer using PXE within an hour.
After the hotfix installation the cache limitation will be 1 minute.

Read more here.

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Is Microsoft going to merge MMS with TechEd?

The rumor has circled around the internet the last week and as an attendee of both MMS and TechEd, I do see, why a merge is a possibility. Almost all sessions at MMS are at TechEd too. The 2 conferences are held with only a week in between, so why not just do it all together. Maybe "Better together" brings a new meaning to all of us. There are both pros and cons, but I vote for a merge!

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MMS 2009 day 3-5

Didn’t have much time blogging the last days of MMS.
..but I did see sessions about:

Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V
Configuration Manager
Deploying Windows 7

All in all a great conference in Las Vegas.

Had a terrible trip home…..24 extra hours in Chicago, hmm what can I say. I’m finally home in Denmark and ready to work.
Have to work at those DFS parts……

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