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Windows Server 2008 – Computer Browser/Browse lists (NetBIOS)

Just as a reminder and a note from the field 😉

If you think about upgrading your domain controllers to Windows Server 2008, keep in mind, that you’ll have to enable “Computer Browser” service on the domain controller holding the FSMO role PDC. The “Computer Browser” service is disabled by default in Windows Server 2008.
The Windows Server holding the PDC role maintains the browse list, because it allways is selected as the Master Browser.

If “Computer Browser” is NOT enabled and started, inconsistent browse lists will occour, when browsing the network.

/Jens Ole

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Notes from the Field – Windows Server 2008 and hiberfil.sys

As I’m working as a IT Consultant, I often see some "strange" things at customer sites. Working with upgrading a customer Active Directory and most servers to Windows Server 2008, I noticed that a lot of space was consumed in the root drive of a lot of the Windows Server 2008 Servers. Nearly all servers run in a virtualized environment.

Looking at the root drive I found a hiberfil.sys file! (Hidden and system file)

The hiberfil.sys file is used when the system hibernates and because Windows Server 2008 and Vista have the same kernel, Windows Server 2008 can be hibernated too. The Windows Kernel Power Manager reserves this file when you install Microsoft Windows. The size of this file is approximately equal to the amount of random access memory (RAM) that is installed on the computer.

I’m not aware why the file is present in some installations and not in other. But some time I might find out 😉
Anyway, if the file is present on your system, hibernation can be disabled by command line.

Start a command prompt in Administrative mode.

Command: powercfg.exe /hibernate off

..and the hiberfil.sys file is gone…..

/Jens Ole

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