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RTM: Configuration Manager 2007 R2

The following features are new to Configuration Manager 2007 R2:

  • Application Virtualization Management. For more information about managing virtual applications created using the Microsoft Application Virtualization platform, see About Virtual Application Packages.
  • Forefront Client Security Integration. For more information, see About Forefront Client Security Integration with Configuration Manager 2007 R2.
  • SQL Reporting Services Reporting. Allows you to report on Configuration Manager activity using SQL Reporting Services.
  • Client Status Reporting. Provides a set of tools and Configuration Manager 2007 reports to assess the status of client computers, sometimes referred to as "client health." Clients that show a change in activity patterns might need administrative intervention.
  • Operating System Deployment Enhancements. The following enhancements are included in Configuration Manager 2007 R2:
    • Unknown computer support—In Configuration Manager 2007 R2, you can deploy operating systems to computers using a PXE service point without first adding the computer to the Configuration Manager database. For more information, see About Unknown Computer Support for Operating System Deployment.
    • Multicast deployment—Previously, all operating system deployments used unicast. Multicast can make more efficient use of network bandwidth when deploying large images to several computers at the same time. For more information, see About Multicast for Operating System Deployment.
    • Running command lines in task sequences with credentials other than the local system account.

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Using BGinfo.exe to create and evaluate WMI queries

When using ConfigMgr 2007 to deploy operating systems (OSD), creating one "golden" Task Sequence (one per OS type) that fits to all computer models is often a goal. Doing that, WMI queries are used, so that certain steps in the Task Sequence only will apply if the WMI query is evaluated to be TRUE. A lot of different tools exist, that can help you in creating WMI queries and one of them is BGinfo.exe

Bginfo can be downloaded here:

Using BGinfo to Query WMI.

Start BGinfo.exe and choose "Custom…"

Click at "New"
Click "WMI Query" and choose "Browse"

Now you can select from WMI Classes and Class properties.

Use this simple WMI Query to find out information about the hardware. Here a Dimenstion 5000.


Using WMI in ConfigMgr 2007

In the ConfigMgr Admin Console, edit the Task Sequence and add the WMI Query as a condition to the Task Sequence Step. The step could install Dimension 5000 specific software.

Add the WQL Query and select "OK"

Now the step is only executed if the WMI query is evaluated to be TRUE and only Dimension 5000 computers will get the software.
There are a lot of usefull WMI Queries…more about different WMI Queries later.

/Jens Ole

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Windows Server 2008 Step-by-Step Guides

Take a look a these cool step-by-step guides from Microsoft.

These step-by-step guides help IT Professionals learn about and evaluate Windows Server 2008.
These documents are downloadable versions of guides found in the Windows Server 2008 Technical Library


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Configuration Manager 2007: Sample Configurations and Common Performance Questions

Questions about sizing your ConfigMgr installation or performance? Then read this document published by Microsoft this summer.


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Installing ConfigMgr on Windows Server 2008 – be aware of the documentation available

Microsoft has released a quite good documentation on how to make Windows Server 2008 ready to install ConfigMgr 2007 SP1.


However when the documentation states, both from Microsoft and other (read bloggers), that you should install IIS feature and enable ASP.NET, they actually mean ASP.NET and ASP. If ASP is not installed, your Reporting Point in ConfigMgr will not work.

I have not yet seen ASP mentioned in any install documentation.

Just spreading the news!

/Jens Ole

UPDATED: The Deployment Guys have now updated their documentation to include ASP.
UPDATED: Microsoft has now updated it too.

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WSUS 3.0 SP1 hotfix 954960 – Problem could affect ConfigMgr 2007

Microsoft has released a hotfix for WSUS 3.0 SP1. The problem being solved could affect be following systems:

Windows Small Business Server 2003 (Windows SBS) that has had the WSUS component upgraded from WSUS 2 to WSUS 3
System Center Essentials 2007
System Center Configuration Manager 2007

For further information and download or workaround

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Preload Package Tool for Configuration Manager 2007

Microsoft has updated Preload Package Tool to support ConfigMgr 2007 RTM and SP1.

The Preload Package Tool (PreloadPkgOnSite.exe) is used to manually install compressed copies of software distribution package source files on Configuration Manager 2007 sites. After package source files are installed, a status message is sent up the site hierarchy indicating the presence of the new package source files. This avoids sites higher in the hierarchy from copying package source files over the network when distribution points at child site are selected to host software distribution package content that has already been preloaded/prestaged on them. A great tool when the WAN performance/capasity is a limitation.

The following feature enhancements have been made to the tool since it was released in the SMS 2003 Toolkit:

  • SQL Server named instance support
  • Administrator specified StoredPkgVersion value support

Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003; Windows Server 2008; Windows Vista; Windows XP

Download at Source

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