Slides from my session at Microsoft Campus Days 2014

The biggest technical Microsoft event in Denmark, Campus Days 2014, is over. It was a plessure to meet you all and I’m proud, as I have attended as a speaker at all Campus Days events held in the past until today.


Here you can download my presentation. Remember that is holds links (one of the last slides) to the security stuff I spoke about.

Protecting your Private Cloud/Data

Thank you for evalualing, it’s important to me. Hope to see you NeXT year at Campus Days.

/Jens Ole

Missing the new Windows Intune Extensions in SCCM Console?

Recently I was working with a Customer to integrate Windows Intune with Configuration Manager 2012 R2 and I noticed that I didn’t get the new Extensions that were released recently.

No matter what I did, the Extensions didn’t arrive.

I called Windows Intune support and they confirmed that this actually is a problem.

Local certificates and Windows Intune certificates got out of sync.

Windows Intune Support provided the SyncConnectorCert.exe Tool.


After running the tool, I checked that the certificates were aligned. I closed the Console and opened it Again and got the new Extensions for IOS 8 and Enterprise Mode.

/Jens Ole


Speaking at Campus Days 2014

Microsoft Campus Days 2014 is nearly a month away and I’m exited to announce that I’ll be speaking at this event.

This event is the biggest Microsoft Infrastructure event in Denmark with about 100 sessions.

This year none of the sessions will be recorded and published on Channel9, so if you want to learn more, you need to attend the event.

I’ll host a session about Securing and Protecting your Private Cloud/Data. You can find the session here

Some of my co-workers are also speaking at Campus Days 2014.

Campus Days 2014 twitter hashtag #CDDK14

Hope to see you!

/Jens Ole

TechEd and MMS superseeded by New conference

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Changes to Group Policy Preferences (store passwords)

A couple of days ago, Microsoft annouced that they are removing the feature to set passwords using GPP. The stored passwords can be compromised as they are stored in the Group Policy. This will affect the ability to set local administrator password via GPP and other settings as well.
Read more here:

/Jens Ole

Speaking at Microsoft TechNet TechTalk

Today Microsoft Denmark announced the upcomming TechNet Talk event in May, held at Microsoft headquarter in Hellerup, Denmark.
I am proud to attend as a speaker and hope that you have a chance to enjoy my session about Device Management with Windows Intune and ADFS.

Read more here:

SCCM OSD error: There is not enough space on the disk (error 112)

02/11/2013 1 comment

A couple of days ago, I ran into a strange problem, that I have never seen before.

The system is Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 R3 with MDT 2012 UDI and the Operating System deployed is Windows 7 SP1 x64.
I used a couple of hours over a few days to solve the problem.

First error was that the UDI Status page showed a warning on a unknown application. The application was the last one in the list and was about 1,5 Gb in size.

I checked the Advertisement Status first:

31-10-2013 21-10-52

31-10-2013 21-13-12

The operating system reported error 112: There is not enough space on the disk.

I have seen this error before when trying to download the WIM file to a wrong partition Smiley, der blinker but not when installing applications.

I tried running the Task Sequence in a virtual environment and got the following UDI Status:



I got hold of the smsts.* from the computer but the information was overwritten so I could not see the information about the application as I needed.

Changed the parameters in the “Setup Windows and ConfigMgr” step to:

01-11-2013 09-21-36

Ran the OS Deployment (Physical machine) once more and now I could see the error in the smsts.log:

31-10-2013 21-23-28

There is not enough disk space left on this machine for staging the content…

Then I thought that the standard cache size was the problem. I could install in a virtual environment and not on a physical machine, but the physical machine downloaded a driver pack and I didn’t do that in the virtual machine. Could that be my problem, that the cache was full ?

Changed the cache size as a part of the “Setup Windows and ConfigMgr” step.

01-11-2013 09-22-26

The Task Sequence failed with the same error ;-(

The it hit me, BitLocker was enabled as a part of the task sequence:

31-10-2013 21-16-39

When BitLocker is enabled it reserves som space on the disk to continue working, while BitLocker finishes encrypting the harddrive.

Could that be the problem?

I changed the task sequence so BitLocker was enabled after the applications were installed.

31-10-2013 21-14-40

Ran a deployment once more, and…….



Hope this will help you as I could not find much information about this error.



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